When you choose May-Grant, you’re choosing more than a gynecological care provider: you’re choosing a team with a rich depth of complementary skills, training, and expertise to meet your health needs as they evolve through the joys and challenges of every life stage. Our team includes:

  • Gynecologists—board-certified physicians, each with specialized expertise and interests to bring to your care, enabling you to choose a doctor who is just the right fit for your needs.
  • Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners, and a Clinical Nurse Specialist—all highly trained and educated, licensed clinical professionals with a diverse range of specialties and interests, sharing a common passion for helping women make the most of their health.

Having this extensive team of clinicians available benefits patients with:

  • More accessibility to clinicians for both routine and urgent needs.
  • More choices of clinician skills, expertise, interests, and personalities, to ensure that you can receive care from the right professional at the right time.
  • A deeper base of knowledge and experience that our providers can call on as needed. Each clinician has access to the complementary expertise of colleagues available to lend insights for difficult or challenging cases.

May-Grant Obstetrics & Gynecology offers annual gynecological exams and screenings, as well as diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of gynecological problems. Our clinicians utilize the latest technological advances for surgery and other treatment modalities. The specific gynecological care services we provide include (but are not limited to):

  • Annual Gynecological Exams and Screenings—Includes a breast exam, cervical cancer screening (Pap exam), and other exams, tests, or screenings your clinician may recommend as important for you.
    • One in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer you may actually have a gene mutation such as BRCA 1 or 2 which could put you at a risk of up to 87% for getting breast cancer and up to 63% of getting ovarian cancer. Use this link to take a family history quiz in less than a minute which will let you know if you are a candidate for genetic testing. The result can be shared with your provider. Hereditary Cancer Assessment
  • Continence Treatment—Bladder-control issues can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, inconvenient, and disruptive to life. But at May-Grant, help is in sight. Our clinicians can conduct an expert assessment and offer several behavioral and noninvasive therapy options to help you get back in control.
  • In-Office Procedures—May Grant offers patients the convenience of outpatient care at our locations for advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures, including ablations, colposcopy (follow-up to an abnormal pap exam), endometrial biopsies, IUDs, LEEP, Nexplanon, Novasure, saline infusion sonograms, vaginal biopsies, and more.
  • Menopause Counseling—To support a healthy, more comfortable menopause experience, our clinicians have expertise and available resources in such areas as general menopause education, hormone replacement therapy, alternative treatments, sexuality and sexual health during and after menopause, and more.
  • Sex Education/Sexuality–Our providers have the knowledge, resources, and treatment methods available to help women understand and manage sexual health concerns at every stage of life. The support our clinicians can provide includes, but is not limited to:
    • The female reproductive system
    • General education about female sexuality
    • General sexual health across a woman’s lifespan
    • Contraception, safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention
    • Conception, pregnancy, and infertility
    • And more
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Screenings—Tests for sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia , gonorrhea, genital herpes, syphilis, hepatitis, or HIV, may be recommended based on medical history or risk factors.
  • Teen Resources—For women, a lifetime of good health begins early—with the first gynecological visit, recommended between ages 13 and 15. At May-Grant, you’ll find clinicians with special expertise and focus on guiding younger patients through the specific health concerns of the teen years.

For patient information you can use to help improve your health, check out “In Full Stride.” This page is full of answers to questions you may have.