Cathy Devlin, RN

Cathy graduated nursing school with only wish, and that was to work on Labor and Delivery with the hopes of helping laboring moms acheive their own special birthing story. After delivering her own first child with a nurse midwife, she knew she just had to become part of this world. Cathy spent time volunteering for the American Red Cross at Ft. Knox, KY and Ft. Carson, CO where the midwives allowed her to offer minimal assistance in the delivery and recovery rooms;  she was also able to help with simple nursing duties and chaperoning in the OB/GYN Department. All of this just solidified her desire to work in women’s healthcare.  Cathy’s first paid job as a Registered Nurse was for Reading Hospital Beginnings Maternity where her dream finally came true. She joined May Grant in 2009, and she loves providing education to new moms and getting them excited about the journey they have embarked on. 

Originally a Jersey girl, Cathy is now fully assimilated into Lancaster County life where she has lived for 28 years. She is married with two children, three stepchildren, and MomMom to two granddaughters–also a dog mom to a shih tzu and a goldendoodle. She enjoys staying active and most recently came to love hiking with Talulah, the doodle, who was just certified as a therapy dog. She is looking forward to how she and Talulah will work together to provide therapy and exploring all the different venues she can be of assistance!