COVID-19 Updates


We are open and seeing patients virtually and in the office!

As a medical office, we have been "strongly encouraged" to remain open, which we are doing in service to our patients. Many of our patients have health issues that should be addressed in the office at this time. We are also seeing our pregnant patients who must be seen regularly. To make this as safe as possible for all of our patients, staff, and physicians, we've also made a lot of changes to how we're scheduling patients. 

We have been working to adjust our schedule to make it safer for everyone:

**All "annual" or "well-woman" exams will be rescheduled to later in the year
**All visits that can be done via Televisit are being changed to that format
**Pregnancy appointments are continuing as scheduled
**To decrease any wait time in the waiting room, we are spacing remaining patients out over the day

**If you have an appointment scheduled in the next 3-4 weeks, we may be calling to discuss it with you, please answer our phone calls. This will help as we have many calls to make to keep all our patients safe.

**We have a rigorous cleaning process of exam rooms, common areas and the entire office to prevent the spread of infection.

We have moved quickly to implement televisits as a scheduling option to our patients and providers. If you have questions or concerns that you would like addressed by your doctor, we can schedule a telehealth appointment for you. Please be aware that this visit will result in a charge to your insurance company and coinsurance and deductible will apply. This will not take the place of your annual exam, which we can schedule for a date later in the year.

Examples of consultation that we can do without physical contact:

**Discussion of birth control options: different types, side effects, benefits, what's best for you, etc
**Preconception or pre-pregnancy consultation for couples intending to start trying in the near future
**Menopause: what it means, what to expect, what women can do, what women should do, etc
**Peri-menopause: what to expect, how to manage it, what women should be doing
**Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: what it is, why people develop PCOS, how to best manage it if you're planning a pregnancy, what to do to prevent other complications of PCOS
**Weight loss: resources, goals, mental work, medication available
**Decreased libido (sex drive)
**Painful sex
**Painful or irregular periods
**Review of abnormal lab results and imaging studies 
**Discussion of family history of cancer that may need genetic testing or increased surveillance
**Anxiety or concerns around the current coronavirus pandemic to get most recent updates from our office
**Other health topics you want to discuss that may not require an exam

Thank you and we are wishing everyone good health and peaceful times at home.

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