Community Education Nights


Please join May-Grant Obstetrics and Gynecology as we present Community Education Nights. These will be held at 7 pm once or twice a month (generally on a Thursday evening except as noted) and include topics of concern for women of varying ages.

Some of the scheduled topics are: Prenatal Nutrition, Post-Partum Depression, Sexual Health, Incontinence, and Pelvic Floor Issues, STD’s, Robotic Surgery, NovaSure, and many more.

Please check here for information about the monthly talk and be sure to register using the form below. These talks are intended to increase awareness in the community, so you do not need to be a May-Grant patient to attend.

April 11th: Prenatal Nutrition (Due Dates from August to October) by Teresa Bair, RN

Looking forward, here’s what’s coming up so you can plan ahead and spread the word!

April 25th: Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Disorders

May 23: In-Office Ablation (NovaSure)

June: Robotic-Assisted Surgery