Should I get a mammogram???

Here's a quick Venn diagram to answer the question of "Should I have a mammogram?" If you are a woman and are 40 years of age or older, you should be having an annual mammogram. This important screening tool has been proven to reduce your risk of breast cancer.
Because we recognize that convenience is a big factor in making sure this test is not missed, we opened a new breast imaging suite in our Good Drive office! You can have your mammogram on its own or in conjunction with any other appointment like your annual well-woman exam. You can make the appointment by calling the office at 717-397-8177 or directly online at
Here's what a few people are saying about having their mammograms with May-Grant:


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Don't Neglect your Mammogram!

Getting a screening mammogram EVERY YEAR is one of the most important things women over age 40 can do for their health. Serial screening mammograms (not skipping a year) have been shown to reduce death by Breast Cancer by 50%.

Patient Portal

Having a patient portal with May-Grant is the easy way to stay connected to your provider and to your healthcare.