October is Health Literacy Month

It is #HealthLiteracyMonth May-Grant believes that we are partners in your best health and that the more you know and understand, the better decisions we can make together. We have A LOT of health information on our website for patients to access.
Take a look:
Please be sure to visit our website at www.maygrant.com to see our patient education pages
You will find information on pregnancy including:
preconception, early pregnancy, later pregnancy, and postpartum at https://www.maygrant.com/cont.../services/obstetrics/oh-baby
You will find information on adolescent and young adult women's health including:
reproductive development, contraception, nutrition, and general wellness here: https://www.maygrant.com/.../gyneco.../young-and-on-your-way
You will find information on general women's health including:
contraception and conception, general wellness and gynecoloical issues here: https://www.maygrant.com/.../gynecology/in-full-stride
You will find information on aging gracefully including:
menopause and associated issues here: https://www.maygrant.com/.../gynecology/aging-gracefully

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