Nurse Midwifery Week

Happy Nurse Midwifery Week to all our Certified Nurse Midwives! May-Grant is proud to have these spectacular midwives as an integral part of our healthcare team. They are compassionate, throrough, engaging, and expert at what they do. We are happy to welcome Kelli Diadato as our newest CNM. Kelli joins us after completing her additional training after 18 years as a labor and delivery nurse at Women's and Babies Hospital. Kelli joins our other amazing midwives: Tiffany Fisher-Avalos, Lisa Billeter, Claire McCormack, Brittany Krotzer, Angie Weidman, Amanda Fowler, Elle Trainor, Jen Pagani-Smith, Angie Stikeleather, Barb Good, and Healther Denlinger.

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