NovaSure Testimonial - Jen C.

In early 2016, I met with Dr. Meldrum to talk about my periods which were inconsistent (anywhere from 20-45 days apart) and so heavy that at times I couldn’t even use tampons. He recommended different options that we could try and at that time introduced me to the Novasure procedure. Since I didn’t plan on having anymore children, and I didn’t want to be on birth control for years, this was a good option for me. I chose to have the procedure done in the office because I did not want to be put under anesthesia. Dr. Meldrum was patient and honest with what the process would entail, and the actual procedure was a breeze! I felt some pressure during the procedure itself but no pain, and the staff was calm and comforting and even offered to play my favorite music so that I was comfortable. Two years following the procedure I have had no issues as a result. I haven’t experience spotting or bleeding of any sort. Novasure has given me the freedom to experience life with my girls without having to worry if my period was going to impact our activities. I would recommend this to anyone who is done having children in a heartbeat!

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