NovaSure Testimonial - Allison E.

Meet Allison E! She had an in-office Novasure to deal with her heavy periods. Here’s what she has to say:

“My only regret about the in-office NovaSure procedure was not getting it done a lot sooner. After checking to make sure I was a good candidate for the NovaSure, the doctor explained to me in detail about it. I was also given pages of information about it to take home. I scheduled my appointment for the procedure. I had taken the medication they had sent in to the pharmacy for me as instructed before the appointment. When I got to the appointment, I was taken back and prepped for the NovaSure procedure. The whole experience was so quick and painless, and I had very little downtime afterward. I had taken 3 days off from work but would have been fine just to have taken the day of the procedure off. I had minimal cramping the day after. I am so pleased with it and happy to report I no longer have heavy painful periods! In fact, I don’t have it at all. I am glad I chose to do it in office instead of the hospital where the process is longer and way more expensive. I can’t thank Dr. Meldrum along with the staff at May Grant Associates enough! You are all fantastic!”

If you experience heavy bleeding that interferes with your life, please make an appointment today!

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