May-Grant Mantra

Do you have a mantra? At May-Grant, this is ours. A mantra helps focus your mind to attend to what is most important and can help you stay true to what you value most. This mantra helps us remember that every single woman we serve is unique, that every visit deserves our best service and attention, and that each woman has differing needs at differing times of life. Come see how our mantra can help you by making an appointment at or by calling 717-397-8177. What’s your mantra? Consider finding one that works for you to help refocus and reduce stress during this crazy time! #maygrant #lancasterobgyn #wednesdaywellness

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Don't Neglect your Mammogram!

Getting a screening mammogram EVERY YEAR is one of the most important things women over age 40 can do for their health. Serial screening mammograms (not skipping a year) have been shown to reduce death by Breast Cancer by 50%.

Patient Portal

Having a patient portal with May-Grant is the easy way to stay connected to your provider and to your healthcare.

Spring Promotion Survey

For our spring promotion, we want to hear from you! Fill out a brief survey about your experience with May-Grant and be entered to win this cool "Lancaster PA" framed canvas!

COVID-19 Vaccine Quick Facts

As the vaccine for COVID-19 becomes more readily available, here are some fact sheets about how the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines work and the side effects you can expect.