It's National Heart Month

February is American Heart Month. Did you know that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined??? This month, we will focus on how to GO RED for women, including raising awareness and taking steps to ensure your best health.

G - Get your numbers (see your doctor to check your cholesterol and blood pressure)

O - Own your lifestyle (stop smoking, eat healthy, control your weight)

R - Realize your risk (1 in 3 women die of heart disease; the risk is real)

E - Educate your family (make healthy family food and fitness choices)

D - Don't be silent (let the women in your life know how to understand and mitigate their risks)

Come see one of our amazing providers to check your overall health and evaluate your risk of heart disease.

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Men's Health Week!

June 14-20, 2021 is Men's Health Week. While we here at May-Grant are dedicated to WOMEN's health, we recognize that the health of our husbands, partners, sons, fathers, and other men in our lives have a huge impact on our own health and wellness.

Should I get a mammogram???

Determining if you should have a routine screening mammogram is actually pretty easy. Are you a woman? Are you 40+ years old? Then, the answer is YES! You should have a yearly mammogram.

Don't Neglect your Mammogram!

Getting a screening mammogram EVERY YEAR is one of the most important things women over age 40 can do for their health. Serial screening mammograms (not skipping a year) have been shown to reduce death by Breast Cancer by 50%.