COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy

Data continues to be compiled from studies on the COVID vaccine and its safety and effectiveness for pregnant and lactating women. There were two studies published in mid-May that added to previous work indicating that the vaccine is safe and effective for pregnant and lactating women.

Here is a brief overview of the two main questions the studies asked:

Are the mNRA vaccines currently in use (Pfizer and Moderna) safe and effective in pregnant and lactating women? and

Do the vaccines cause harm to the placenta?

Both studies indicated that the vaccine is safe for both mom and baby, even providing some protection for the baby through the placenta and through breast milk.

The JAMA article found that not only did the vaccines have the desired protective response in pregnant and lactating women, the protection was also passed on to her baby through both the placenta and breast milk. This study helps confirm earlier studies which found that the COVID vaccine does not negatively impact women if they are pregnant or lactating. However, pregnant women who fall ill with COVID do have increased risk of severe illness and death.


The ACOG journal article highlights a study which found NO association with the COVID vaccines and placental damage. They studied the placentas of women post-delivery, and found that there was no increased incidences of placental abnormality or damage in the placentas of women who had the COVID vaccine vs those who did not.


At May-Grant, we believe informed decisions are the best decisions. There will be much more data forthcoming, and we encourage you to bring any questions you have about whether the vaccine is right for you to your provider so you can work together for the best choice for you and your family. 

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