Celebrating 50 years!

Here are some highlights from our 50 years:

In 2001 they moved to Women’s and Babies Location from Lime Street.

In July 2002 Eden Park merged with May Grant bringing physicians Dr. Bradford, Dr. Habecker and Dr. Visneski.

The following physicians were added over the years following: (in this order)


Here are some facts about the practice:

· May Grant had the first midwife in Lancaster County by the name of Geta, but shortly after added Angie Stikeleather in 1994 and Claire McCormack in 1995.

· Dr. Gerbert actually recruited Dr. Roberts as they had been in residency together in Ohio.

· We once had a practice location in Leola and at the Health Campus.

· Our first satellite office was at Willow Valley and co-owned with Urology.

· Dr. Stenman, Dr. Laura Good and Lisa Billiter saw the light and joined us from OB/GYN of Lancaster.

· When Dr. Gerbert first came to the practice Dr. Yingling asked her out, but she thought he was just being nice as a partner and then on the evening out she realized it was a real date.

· Tahnya Lambie, NCC is our only remaining employee who came with Eden Park and has been with the practice since 1998.

· We have a couple of former employees of OB/GYN in Jill Justice and Erica Althouse.

· We added a Level 3 lab in 2005 and in office mammogram in 2020.

· The clinical coordinator position was established in 2003.

· Karen Peckham was our first Nurse Practitioner

· Sue Zipf is our most senior NCC starting back on Lime Street.

· Becky Rodriquez is our employee with the most years of service joining in 1992, followed by:

o Vicky Aument in 1993

o Deanna Daniels in 1995

o Barb Long in 1997

o Aristi Toumparas 1997

o Lisa Weidman in 1998

· We have had a few employees who left and came back because they missed us so much.

· Lisa Weidman has been our only OSHA director.

· We were the first OB/GYN practice in Lancaster County to start doing higher level in office procedures.

· We had a medical records department of 9 prior to EMR and now we are 2.

· There have been many transitions and changes, but thanks to the integrity, hard work and self-sacrifice of Drs Krespan, Yingling and Gerbert the practice thrived and moved forward for the future to the practice it has become today.

· May Grant has 138 employees.

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