Barb Good Goes to Mexico

Before the Coronavirus shut down travel, Barb Good (one of our amazing CNMs), her husband Marlin, and 3 others (Carol Peachy, Carole Roth, and Christine Good Shenk) went to Brownsville, Texas to help at Matamoros. This is a tent city just across the border, where more than 2500 men, women and children live in limbo while seeking asylum from dangerous conditions in their home countries.

The conditions there are harsh--people live with tents and tarps lined up one against the other. A group of local school teachers organized themselves into "Team Brownsville" to address some of these physical needs: supplying tents, porta potties and showers, in addition to other basic needs.

The team from Lancaster brought a generous check of funds donated to help this effort to provide relief for people stranded at the border. They also spent a week preparing and serving food to 1000 asylum seekers through the efforts of World Central Kitchen. World Central Kitchen (WCK) is a food prep organization that prepares and serves food to everyone in times of disaster and need around the world. They volunteered with this group, preparing lasagna, salad, paella, and a pork dish, for example. At 5 pm each evening, they assembled and loaded Cambros full of food onto wagons that we then pulled over the Gateway International Bridge. They served food as people arrived to a large tent with 40 tables set up by WCK.

We are grateful for Barb and her fellow volunteers who gave their time and resources to serve, to alleviate suffering, and to help improve the lives of families wherever they are in the world. May-Grant is proud to have providers and staff who do their best to make life better here in Lancaster and Lebanon counties and whereever their efforts can make a difference.

Pictures: Barb and company head to Texas; Natasha, a WCK chef shows Monday night's Lasagne meal; Barb and some local children helping; the wagon train into Mexico; the view of the Rio Grande crossing the bridge; serving in the tent at Matamoros

If you are interested in learning more about World Central Kitchen, you can follow this link:


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