What Our Patients Say

Dr. Roberts did my C-section and she was wonderful! The whole experience was quick, painless, and I was up moving the next day. All of the nurses were great too!

Saw: Karen Roberts, MD

November 18, 2015

Lisa's bedside manner is incredible. I've only been seen by her twice this pregnancy. She is such a warm and compassionate provider. I expressed a concern to her in regards to a low blood sugar after a 3 hour glucose screen and she took it a step further and offered to take it up he chain of command and look in to a policy to ensure patient safety. She went above and beyond in service recovery and is so easy to talk to! I would recommend this practice and many of the providers to friends and family.

Saw: Lisa Billiter, CNM

November 18, 2015

Dr. Good was very professional and pleasant. She made me feel at ease during my appointment.

Saw: Laura Good, MD

September 21, 2015

I needed some help with changes in my HRT patch due to insurance formulary changes. The nurses quickly relayed my message to Angela Santos and a new prescription was phoned into my pharmacy. Thank you for outstanding patient care. I am doing much better on my current patch.

Saw: Angela Santos, CRNP

August 7, 2015

Barb was my favorite out of all of the CNM I saw during my pregnancy and just before I delivered. She was understanding of the choices we had for our son, did not question the validity of what we requested, and did so with poise and dignity.

Saw: Barbara Good, CNM

July 30, 2015

Claire helped me deliver my son in 2012. She was kind, gentle, and very understanding of everything.

Saw: Claire McCormack, CNM

July 30, 2015

Very nice woman, she took very good care of me during my pregnancy now i have a healthy baby girl. Thank you for everything Sally!

Saw: Sally Towne, CNM

March 2, 2015